Barrel Man-Gizmo McCracken

Gizmo McCracken has been entertaining crowds across the Country for many years. He became a member of the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) in 1992 only 25 years ago. Since that time the list of accomplishments has grown beyond our belief. Working 14 PRCA Circuit Finals Rodeos, Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days twice, Nominated “Coors Man in the Can” 3 times, Nominated “Clown of the Year” in ’16, Nominated for Comedy Act of the year 5 times and our biggest accomplishment being a feature act at the 2005 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Gizmo takes pride in the fact that his humor is good, clean, family style comedy. Gizmo travels the country from Canada to Texas, from the East Coast to the West Coast logging thousands of miles a year through dozens of states. Gizmo started his career as bullfighter and moved into stand-up comedy on a show in Branson, MO. Gadgets and gizmos that went sour were often part of his routine, hence the name “Gizmo, The World’s Greatest Inventor.” ” A lot of Clowns and Specialty Acts ​sell themselves with a bucking car or a dancing horse.” said Gizmo “I supply a Character,” and that is just what Gizmo is. Many Characters will find their way into your town and your arena. “I like to keep people looking for me and wondering what I am going to do next.” said Gizmo. The acts share a high energy, clean, family oriented feel which adds a fresh new atmosphere to any rodeo he is a part of. Gizmo is the Best Comedy Entertainer that this sport has to offer. Regardless of whether you have seen him before or this is your first experience I am confident that you will leave laughing.

Gizmo McCracken

Bullfighter-Weston Rutkowski

Date of Birth: May 10, 1989
Hometown: Haskell, Texas

Affiliation: PRCA, PBR
Sponsors: MPR Hunts, Catalena Hatters, American Born Moonshine, Prohet Muskwa Outfitters, Bullfighters Only

– 2013 NFR Bucking Stock Sale Champion
– 2013 World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter
– 2014 Bulls of the West Freestyle Champion
– 2013 Revenge of The Bulls Champion – Ardmore, OK
– 2015 National Western Bullfight Champion – Denver, CO
– 2015 Rodeo Austin Bullfighter

Weston Rutkowski is a 3rd generation Rodeo Cowboy hailing from Haskell, TX where he grew up watching his uncles compete as Professional Saddle Bronc Riders. They were his heroes and from that point on he wanted to grow up to be just like them. Weston’s fascination with bulls led him to try bull riding in college, but he never felt up to par. When Weston’s friend Clint Hopping asked him to protect him in practice, Weston went for it. What happened next he said, “just felt natural”.

Weston’s hard work and dedication led him to win the title of 2013 World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter, but it’s just the beginning for him. Weston credits his commitment to working out every day and stay physically fit that allows him to get around bulls the way he does. Weston says bullfighting is a mental challenge. “You’ve gotta be strong enough mentally to overcome your fear of what could happen and get out there and just do your job.”

Weston Rutkowski

Bullfighter-Evan Allard

Evan Allard grew up in Vinita, Oklahoma and wanted to be a bullfighter for as long as he can remember.  As a young boy he was fascinated with the Rodeo Clowns in and outside the arena.  Originally, the rodeo clown was a single job combining “bullfighting”—the protection of riders thrown from the bull, as well as being an individual who provided comic relief.  As a young boy Evan aspired to be like Gizmo McGracken, a Rodeo Clown, who at 22 years old, became a member of the PRCA and has been entertaining crowds for over 38 years.  Evan still considers Gizmo one of the funniest clowns around.  The more time Evan spent around rodeo, the more he learned the difference between clowning and fighting bulls.  It was Cory Wall, 2009 PRCA bullfighter of the year, that got Evan his first start, and to this day he considers Cory one of the best bullfighters out there.

Evan recalls his first professional bullfight in 2007, when he was 18 years old, “My first bullfight on a professional level was at the bullfights in Ada, Oklahoma.  They were all the famous Coyote Hills fighting bulls of Rex Dunn and I got in as an alternate at the last minute.”  Since then, Evan has gone to the spring and fall world finals bullfights a total of 13 times.  He has had 11 short round appearances.  Of those 11 short rounds he has won 4 championships, 5 runner-up finishes, and one 3rd.  He has also won Salinas twice (2010 & 2013) and won the World in 2010.

Many would say that at 25 years old, this list alone is quite an accomplishment.  But, he has not only dedicated himself to the sport inside the arena, but outside as well.  Evan Allard started Hookin A Ranch, where he raises pure Spanish fighting bulls providing them for rodeos and bullfighting events.  It is truly his love for the bull, and his passion for the sport that has him dedicating all his time and energy into it.  He bought his first two Mexican fighting bulls at the mere age of 20.  Aside from all his wins in the arena, his proudest moment to this day was standing on the yellow bucking chutes at the NFR and watching his bull fight Greg Ruhmor in 2009 and Mike Matt in 2010.

Evan’s advice to anyone new to the sport is to never give up and learn from every bull.  His goal for 2014 is to win another World Championship.  Aside from living a life consumed by bullfighting and raising fighting bulls, Evan finds time for Ping Pong. He says that he is a “Ping Pong fanatic!”

Evan Allard

Rodeo announcer Charlie Throckmorton’s career spans more than 40 years. He announced his first rodeo in 1969 while still in high school. Now, a PRCA Gold Card member, Throckmorton has covered rodeo and bull ridings in more than 40 states across the nation. Some of the major events he has announced include:

* 1991 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (announcing team)
* 3 time announcer PBR World Finals, Las Vegas, 2001-2003
* 17 time announcer National Finals Steer Roping, 1990, 2001-2016(at 17 times, only second to the late Clem McSpadden)
* 11 time announcer Texas PRCA Circuit Finals
* Ram National Circuit Finals 1992
* Xtreme National Finals Bull Riding, Reno, Nv. 2005
* Timed Event Championships, Lazy E, Guthrie, Okla. 4 times

In April of 2007 Throckmorton was inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. The PRCA media guide calls Throckmorton a repository of knowledge (even among fellow gold card members) with extensive knowledge of the sport of rodeo.

Charlie Throckmorton